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Eliseo Delgado Jr.

Eliseo Delgado Jr. Explains How Plane Manufacturers Use Generative Design to Build More Efficient Vehicles

The problem of building more capable planes turns out to be less of a predicament for computer algorithms than it is for human engineers. Eliseo Delgado Jr. explains below how the aviation industry is getting a few major redesigns to their vehicles that can help ensure safer and more energy-efficient flights using new computer algorithms. […]

Eliseo Delgado Jr. Discusses NASA’s Release of the X-57 Electric Plane

As a computer engineer with decades of experience keeping up with trends in the tech industry, Eliseo Delgado Jr. has witnessed first-hand the growth from gas-powered machinery to electric. Here, he discusses NASA’s latest cargo-carrying project, their new X-57 electric plane. While NASA is known around the world for their work on space shuttles and satellites, Eliseo […]